Supposedly Super

Date Posted: June 5th, 2018, 1:36 am

Author Notes

Not sure what to say about the comic this time, so instead I'm going to give an update on that novel I've been working on.

I want to update more often about it, but I honestly don't really know what to say most of the time since I can't talk about the events in the book without spoiling them. I can talk about how I've been studying how to write prose, but that isn't really all that interesting. I do have a few thoughts that have accumulated, though.

The simplest way to describe the progress is that like usual, projects turn out to be more difficult than expected when I start them, even when taking into account that I know they'll be more difficult than I expect.

Shards in particular because I picked a really difficult story to write for my first novel, with it being urban fantasy which meant developing a magic system and the societal structures that resulted from it. There's just so... many... things... to think about. Many of the details are barely going to be mentioned in the book itself, but how they help to structure the world still has an effect on events so is important for me to know to keep things consistent.

Regardless, I've been steadily making progress. However, since it's a series of books, I also realized that I need to plan out the events in the later books to lay the proper framework in the first one.

...Which has resulted in me writing a significant chunk of the second book and planning events in the third.

And laying out ideas for books with other characters in the same universe.

At a vague estimate, I'm guessing I've got about 350,000 words of material scattered across the various books though I have no idea how much of that is publishable quality yet.

Still, I feel as though the process is working well even though all this groundwork is admittedly making the first book take a lot longer to finish than it would otherwise. I believe it's worth it though because it's continually improving, and simply finishing the first book before moving to the others would have seriously held them all back.

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