Supposedly Super

Date Posted: March 26th, 2018, 4:10 pm

Author Notes

I said there was going to be violence against leaf blowers.

This update took a lot longer than I had hoped for a bunch of reasons. Before starting this comic I had a bit of a buffer (or more accurately, I did some preliminary work laying out pages and had a few drawings done on a bunch of pages ahead) built up to test if it was even plausible to make, and on this update I had almost no buffer. In addition, I had a minor setback with my left hand, had other stuff that I had to take care of, and it was one of those pages that was resistant to progress. I kept chipping away at it but wasn't really getting almost anywhere. The good news is that my hand has been feeling a good amount better lately, though still not back at normal.

So to get things moving along faster again, I'm going to make updates in black and white for a while. Fortunately, it coincides with a portion of the comic that doesn't really need color anyway, so I don't think it'll detract from it much at all, and might actually improve the linework since I can spend more time on the drawings themselves than the coloring and shading.

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destoying things by thought interesting power.
are you going give her powers and later forget about it or are you going to give her a set of powers and keep it at that.
@martyrex: Lol, I'm guessing you've come across a few stories where they've conveniently forgotten powers before? XD

The answer to your question is kind of spoilery, but eh, whatever, this comic is mainly about the humor. Yes, once she gets a power it doesn't go anywhere, but expect her to keep pulling random powers out of the air because I'm kind of making fun of Superman here, who has, shall we say, a history of doing so. And yes, I'm also going to conveniently forget about one of her powers at one point, but it's on purpose and the comic will acknowledge it.

Also, she hasn't figured it out yet, but her power isn't to destroy any type of object with her mind, it's to destroy leaf blowers only.